Dark Water Distillery Putting a New ‘Shine’ on Downtown Camden

A  new, one of a kind business will be opening soon in downtown Camden.  according to Wade Luther, the City of Camden’s economic development director, Dark Water Distillery, a moonshine distillery selling 100 proof, 100% corn moonshine has scheduled a grand opening event for Saturday, April 26th. Dark Water Distillery will be located at 923 Broad Street and is owned by Carl Monday, a veteran federal detective and fourth generation distiller.  Monday said since the craft of distilling moonshine was in his blood, he wanted to share his knowledge and the quality of local, handmade spirits with Camden.  Dark Water currently sells straight moonshine but will soon begin producing flavored moonshine including apple pie, cherry, peach, muscadine and more.  Monday says in the future the distillery will produce a range of spirits such as bourbon, gin, vodka and tequila.  all spirits are made by hand in the distillery’s fifty gallon still.  Wade Luther says it’s encouraging to see such a unique business opening in Camden.