KCSO Busts Meth Lab in Cassatt

Two people were arrested Sunday by Kershaw County Sheriff’s deputies after complaints of a possible meth lab in Cassatt.  The meth lab was discovered in a out building of a residence on West Drive near Cassatt.  According to Sheriff Jim Matthews two people, 44 year old Debra Page Grooms and 40 year old Lloyd Otis Sams were arrested.

Lloyd Sams

In addition to the meth lab in the building deputies also discovered a mobile meth lab in their vehicle.  Fire and EMS units were called in to stand by in event of any problems.

Debra Grooms

The manufacture of methamphetamine is highly toxic and leaves behind very toxic waste matter.  Officials from the cleanup company that responded have stated that the cleanup may set a record for the largest waste product by weight of any meth lab in South Carolina.  Both Grooms and Sams have been arrested previously on narcotics violations.  Both were placed in the Kershaw County Detention Centre.