KershawHealth Board Approves Strategic Plan

The KershawHealth board of trustees Monday evening approved the organization’s strategic plan.  The plan is the product of extensive input from  all of KershawHealth’s boards as well a employees, physicians, county council and members of the community.  The plan detail immediate steps necessary to address KershawHealth’s shorter-term financial challenges and it also focuses on future development of existing assets to strengthen and broaden the level of care provided by KershawHealth.  The plan recognizes three broad shifts in healthcare nationwide including the transition from fee for service environment to one where payments to hospitals are based on quality outcomes as well as the shift from a  hospital centric to a patient centric model and the move toward managing population health.  KershawHealth C.E.O. Terry Gunn says that KershawHealth has many strengths that can be developed to better serve the community and that KershawHealth has enormous opportunity for growth.  Karen Eckford, chair of the KershawHealth board says there are exciting opportunities ahead but the board must be realistic about the capacity to fund those opportunities which means KershawHealth must find strategic partners to work with.