County Council Hears About changing form of Counci. Cool to Idea

Earlier this week members of Kershaw County Council heard a presentation on the process of changing council from an at-large chairman and six members representing districts to a form with seven members representing districts with council electing the chairman but the reception to the idea was cool.  Bobby Bowers, Director of Research with the State Budget and Control Board  made the presentation to council at the request of councilman Jimmy Jones.  Bowers telling council that they would have to approve putting a referendum question on the ballot during a general election and that voters would have to approve the question before any changes could be made.  Bowers also telling council that re-districting would result in two minority districts but that the percentage of minority voters in those districts would go down which would be a negative for minority voters.  Council chairman Gene Wise made it clear that he would disagree with any change to county council’s present form, saying he feels all of the voters of Kershaw County should have a say in who chairs council.  After the meeting councilmen Jimmy Jones said the presentation was for informational purposes only and that he doesn’t think there will be any move to change the present form of Kershaw County Council.