USC Selects KCSD for Student Well-Being Project

The Kershaw County School District is the only school district in the state to be selected for a University of South Carolina (USC) project to study student learning, well-being and general health.

“This is another example of a collaborative effort that will provide more services for our students,” said Executive Director for Instructional Support Alisa Goodman.  “In addition to helping identify students who would benefit from additional counseling support and other resources, we will receive a wealth of data to assist us in serving our students.”

USC Project to Learn About Youth Director Kate Flory explained that the project will be conducted in two phases.  “The first stage will involve asking teachers to complete a short questionnaire about student behaviors in the classroom,” Flory said.  “Later in the school year, 600 families will be invited to participate in the second stage where we will collect more detailed information.”

The school district piloted the project at three schools last year and received positive responses to the study.

USC will be mailing letters about the study to the homes of all KCSD students this week.  Flory said that persons with questions should feel free to contact her at 803-978-7531.