Folks in Elgin Concerned About Packs of Feral Dogs

People near Elgin are concerned about packs of wild and feral dogs loose in the area of Smyrna and Sessions roads and Tuesday evening they took their concerns to Kershaw County Council.   A number of speakers telling council that packs of pit bulls and pit bull mixes pose a threat to the safety of livestock, children and families.  One speaker said that at one point she had to shoot a pit bull that attacked her.  Another speaker said that the county’s animal control department doesn’t have enough officers to deal with the problem and that the problem is getting worse.  One speaker telling council that almost all of a neighbor’s chickens have been killed by packs of dogs and that dogs in their neighborhood have also been attacked.  Later in the meeting councilman Dennis Arledge said he had been made aware of the problem and that the county is working at finding a solution.