Woman Accidentally Shot and Wounded at Zombie Apocalypse Event

At approximately 1:30 am on February 12, 2017 Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a report of a shooting at a location on Highway Church Rd. in Elgin.

Upon their arrival deputies were advised that a group of people were having a “zombie apocalypse” event and that part of the scenario involved shooting simulated rounds of ammunition. One of the participants, a woman, suffered a wound in the upper back part of her right leg when she was shot with a simulated round that was believed to be a blank.

A KCSO investigator was called to the scene and determined that the victim had been shot with a simulated 7.62mm round that was not intended to be used to shoot at someone. Witnesses to the shooting stated that they thought the simulated rounds were designed to only sound like a gunshot and would not actually discharge a projectile of any kind.

The victim of the shooting was transported to Palmetto Health Richland. At this time no criminal charges are expected to be filed.