Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office Creates Internet Exchange Safe Zone

All too often we read about Craigslist or other internet sales resulting in armed robberies, assaults and even murders when people show up with large sums of money or items of value and there was never any intention on the part of one of the parties to consummate a sales transaction.

Progress has been way slower than we wanted, but at last the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office has created an Internet Exchange Zone with video monitoring. This “zone” has been set up in the front parking lot of the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office locate at 821 Ridgeway Rd. in Lugoff. It can be utilized for internet exchanges or even child custody exchanges where one of the parents is concerned about their safety.

While a monitored internet exchange zone in the front parking lot of a law enforcement agency can offer a degree of security, it cannot possibly be expected to totally guarantee a safe exchange. Remember, banks get robbed all the time and they have very substantial video surveillance equipment in them.