-AUDIO-Group Says Video Scoreboard Purchase is Wasteful Spending

UPDATED-Jim Crissman, with the Kershaw County Citizens for Limited Government says his group opposes the recently announced plan to purchase a video score board for Zemp Stadium because the Kershaw County School District should not be in the business of providing loans to high schools for major purchases. Crissman says he feels the school district is engaging in wasteful spending. And Crissman he feels the numbers from projected ad sales don’t add up.  Crissman says that with only six home games in a season the district will not be able to sell enough advertising to pay back the loan in eight years.  Crissman  says the projected ad sales are not going to happen.  Crissman says that the district could have purchased a more traditional scoreboard for less money.  Crissman says his group feels the school district is overpaying for the video scoreboard.

Below is audio of our story with Jim Crissman, a local business owner in Camden. and the raw interview with news director Dave McIntosh



Raw Interview with Jim Crissman