KCSD graduates’ scholarships at an all-time high

Kershaw County School District’s (KCSD) 617 high school graduates in the class of 2017 earned $12.4 million—the highest overall scholarship total ever as well as the highest per student amount.

“With the cost of college in today’s world, these scholarships can be the difference between students being able to continue their education or not,” said KCSD Superintendent Frank Morgan. “It’s extremely gratifying to see our students’ academic achievements being recognized with these financial rewards.”

In presenting this information at the Aug. 1 Kershaw County School Board meeting, Morgan noted that the 2017 four-year per student amount was just over $18,500.  Five years ago, 661 KCSD graduates earned $10.7 million for a four-year per student amount of $16,100 while ten years ago the total scholarship amount was $4.8 million for 451 students with only $8,941 as the four-year total per student.

Morgan said the Central Carolina Scholars program that provides free tuition for Kershaw County graduates who meet certain criteria has been a tremendous boost in providing college experiences for local students.  “This is outstanding partnership that serves as a model for other communities. Our students have benefited greatly from this opportunity.”