Lugoff Firefighters Train In House Donated by Sandhill’s Medical

Thanks to a donation by Sandhill’s Medical Foundation off Baldwin Ave. in Lugoff, firefighters from Lugoff Fire-Rescue were able to perform live fire training drills numerous days in an abandoned house given to the department for training. The house was to be demolished but was donated instead to firefighters for the training. Fire crews later burned the remains of the house for the lot to be cleared off for future development by the Medical Foundation. Lugoff firefighters began training in the house back in February and performed many job-specific skills that cannot be replicated in training buildings or at the fire station and included other firefighters from Kershaw County in other training drills at the house. These skills included: Firefighter survival and rescue of downed firefighters, fire behavior taught to new volunteers from Lugoff and other county firefighters, building construction and how it relates to fire behavior, realistic rescue and fire attack scenarios put into multiple exercises, conducted fire attack and ventilation tactics and how fire flow paths are determined, practiced real-time firefighter accountability, performed a live study of modern firefighting gear technology and the effects fire exposure has on the gear, roof ventilation operations, wall breaching exercises, defensive fire attack operations, proper fire hose deployment, and provided a perfect opportunity to study thermal imaging camera technology and the various limitations to the cameras currently in use

“We extend our appreciation to Sandhills Medical Foundation and staff for allowing us to acquire this house for this essential and realistic firefighter training. These structures are very hard to come by and we take advantage of these opportunities as much as possible for as long as we can. We know this training has provided great benefit and preparedness for our firefighters in Lugoff as well as those firefighters who came to train with us. We are confident the many hours spent training in this donated house will directly benefit our staff by building confidence and providing safer fire and rescue operations as we serve to protect our citizens, businesses, industry, and visitors in our community” Lugoff Fire-Rescue Chief Dennis Ray stated.


Christopher Dixon of Sandhills Medical Foundation, Inc. stated that the vacant home will be replaced by a NCQA Certified Medical Home that provides the highest quality primary care in the area