County Council Appoints Committee to Study Fire Service

Kershaw County Council voted to have Council Chair Julian Burns appoint an ad hoc committee to study Kershaw’s fire service. The committee will have 120 days to report their findings and put forth their suggestions for improvement. Councilman Jimmy Jones says,”Hopefully, they can provide us information that can help us develop some questions for the 2018 ballot.” Councilman Al Bozard initiated the discussion, making the motion to ask for the committee to be formed. There is a concern with the staffing at the fire stations. Council Chair Burns says,”The Problem is one that virtually every county–especially those who have been rural in nature but are changing demographically and becoming more urbanized–is facing.”┬áBozard says that sometimes there are three or four departments that are toned out on one call because many of the stations are staffed with volunteer firefighters who cannot always respond, due to work circumstances.