Man Charged with Numerous Vehicle Break-ins and Burglaries in Three Counties

At about 4:00pm on November 27, 2017 Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office investigators arrested Quintin Alexander Douglas (20) who lives on Inwood St. Bethune, SC and charged him with 18 counts of breaking into a motor vehicle, 2 counts of burglary (3rd degree), 2 counts of financial transaction card fraud and numerous counts of receiving stolen goods. These warrants follow numerous vehicle break ins on Roberts Rd. and JC Gandy Rd. in Kershaw SC.

“It is a shame that in today’s society people cannot have anything without the fear of some thief stealing it from them,” said Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews. “It remains to be seen if our judicial system will take into consideration the numerous victims and sentence this man appropriately.”

On the morning of November 27, 2017 Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to numerous reports of motor vehicle break-ins in the Abney area of Kershaw County. One of the victims whose debit card was stolen immediately notified her bank which was able to determine that the card had been used within an hour of it being stolen. KCSO investigators were able to obtain and view surveillance video of the suspect when he used the stolen debit card.

Deputies at that point were able to identify Douglas as the suspect in the vehicle break-ins and went to his home on Inwood St. in Bethune armed with a search warrant. During a search of Douglas’s residence and property, investigators discovered 5 stolen guns, 2 stolen computers, miscellaneous stolen electronic devices, vehicle stereo equipment and other items that had been reported stolen.

Some of the items that were recovered were taken from 2 burglaries in Greenville County and 4 of the firearms were taken from vehicle break-ins in Lancaster County. Law enforcement in Greenville and Lancaster are expected to obtain arrest warrants for Douglas as well for crimes committed in their jurisdictions.

Douglas has previously been arrested for shoplifting in Greenville County.

He remains in the Kershaw County Detention Center pending a bond hearing with holds placed on him from Greenville and Lancaster counties.