Female boxer/pit mix found in the Springdale/Knights Hill area. Mostly brown with white nose.  Call 669-2979.

Duck found on the side of the road in the Boykin community. Please identify duck to claim. Call 499-1908.

Female German shepherd. Found on U.S. 1 in Camden. Call 740-610-7827.

Male pit bull found in the Edgewood/Cool Springs area of Camden.  Dog is at animal shelter.

Male border collie. Call 803-459-3685.

Springer spaniel. Older dog and possibly blind. Has a collar that is lavender, pink and green. No tags or phone number.  Call 424-6379.

Tiny white and black kitten found in Sunnyhill.  Looks to be four to six weeks old. Call 803-243-9105.

Younger black and white cat. Found in Camden on DeKalb St.  Call 427-5276.