Tuesday, October 6, 2015
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A Camden Bulldog football player has been selected to play in the Shrine Bowl. Tyrone Kelly was one of 10 Midlands players chosen to play in the 79th edition of the Shrine Bowl at Wofford College in December.

Due to ​continued ​flooding​ conditions​ and a concern for area roadways​, Kershaw County School District (KCSD) schools and offices will ​be closed for students and staff on ​​​​​Tuesday, ​October ​6. ​​Adult education classes and the Kershaw County School Board meeting originally scheduled for Tuesday are also canceled. ​

KCSD ​is working closely with local emergency officials to make ​decisions in the best interest of the safety of our students and staff.​ We appreciate the cooperation of our families with this change in schedule.

Good news on the weather front as problems in our area are beginning to dissipate.  After we get past today, we are looking at fair temperatures and sunshine for the remainder of the week.  Thank you all for your patience during this event.  On the outage front, we saw many trees causing problems.  As you are aware, trees were toppling over, not just branches breaking off.  I’m proud of the response of our power delivery (linemen) team and our vegetation management (tree trimmers) team.  They worked in ugly conditions – hard rains, saturated ground, high winds, etc…  They worked long hours and responded quickly and safely to outages as they occurred, and are still responding to outages as needed.  I am equally as proud of our hydro operations team (managing the lake levels).  There was, and continues to be, a lot of water entering the basins.  They proactively moved water where needed before the big rains hit, and managed (and continue to manage) the inflow of water throughout the event.  They are also working around the clock.

Again, I thank you for your patience.  We understand how disrupting a storm event can be; and we work hard to minimize the impact on you, your families and businesses.

97437 10/4/2015 Road closed – 1506 Three Branches Rd – Bridge washed out Bridge Out THREE BRANCHES RD nothing can be done until it dries 3

Map Latitude


Map Longitude


97467 10/4/2015 Road closed – Bridge out at Doby Mill Fire Station Bridge Out PORTER CROSS RD 34.1259715691 -80.7060223818
97431 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Wildwood Ln & Bookman Rd – 1 bridge gone – 1 about to go Bridge Out BOWEN ST 34.1781358848 -80.8210060000
97481 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Ridgeway Rd & Pine Grove rd – bridge washed out Bridge Out PINE GROVE RD 34.2258903026 -80.7032489777
97483 10/4/2015 Road washing out both sides of bridge Bridge Out STOKES RD 34.2659416947 -80.4469156265
Group Total: 5
Group: Emergency
97478 10/4/2015 Stop sign down at John Munn Rd Emergency BYWOOD DR 34.5615728270 -80.3840124607
97422 10/4/2015 706 Green Pastures Rd about to be under water – storm drain is bubbling over Emergency GREEN PASTURES RD 34.2180924329 -80.6653118134
97458 10/4/2015 76 Elmwood Blvd is flooded Emergency ELMWOOD BLVD 34.1307340836 -80.7938379049
Group Total: 3
Group: Road Closed
97459 10/4/2015 Road is closed btwn Brewer Springs Rd & Bishopville Hwy – Road is sunk in Road Closed CATAWBA TIMBER RD 34.2360291149 -80.4938891530
97460 10/4/2015 Road closed from Lovette Road Closed MCRAE RD Dam has failed – water now breaching dam at Sinclair Pond 34.2560769509 -80.5550703406
97461 10/4/2015 Road is washed out Road Closed COUNTRY LN 34.2781502068 -80.7078811526
97462 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Koon Rd & Ft Jackson Rd Road Closed HIGHWAY 601 SOUTH 34.1140474541 -80.6909322739
97463 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Bookman Rd & Bowen St Road Closed WATSON ST 34.1698675672 -80.7973596454
97464 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Ridgeway Rd & Pinemark Ln Road Closed WILDWOOD LN 34.1899910519 -80.8008196950
97465 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Dekalb St & SC 34 Road Closed YORK ST 34.2420914172 -80.5793604255
97466 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Cantey Ln & Wells Rd Road Closed BLACK RIVER RD 34.1815508230 -80.5129837990
97423 10/4/2015 2148 Heath Pond Rd – 2 ponds – one has breached Road Closed HEATH POND RD 34.1517880646 -80.7751697302
97424 10/4/2015 Retention pond is breaching road Road Closed BRENTWOOD DR 34.1701915692 -80.8030915260
97425 10/4/2015 Road is completely washed out Road Closed WILLIAMS RD 34.2291281137 -80.4562926292
97426 10/4/2015 Road closed – flooded Road Closed BOWMAN AV 34.1756949735 -80.8504486084
97427 10/4/2015 Road closed – washed out – huge sink hole Road Closed BREVARD RD 34.1308939396 -80.7051292062
97428 10/4/2015 Road closed – flooded Road Closed ASHLEY CREEK DR 34.2179726647 -80.7682549953
97429 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Hermitage Pond Rd & McCrae Rd Road Closed JOY RD 34.2619516006 -80.5158215761
97430 10/4/2015 Road is washed out between wildwood and Bowman Road Closed BOOKMAN RD 34.1838917177 -80.8154860139
97438 10/4/2015 Road closed from Hwy 1 S to Ridgeway Rd – Flooding Road Closed BOULWARE RD 34.2291037197 -80.6838029623
97439 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Sumter Cty line & US 521 Road Closed BOYKIN RD 34.2905275796 -80.6099832058
97440 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn US 521 & Charlotte Thompkins Rd Road Closed CANTEY LN 34.1828666135 -80.5290529132
97441 10/4/2015 Road Closed btwn Sayre Ln & Bowen St Road Closed CHEROKEE BLVD 34.1844641730 -80.8501428366
97442 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Richland Cty line & White Pond Rd Road Closed FORT JACKSON RD 34.1381382062 -80.7381391525
97443 10/4/2015 Road Closed from Gettys Rd to Smyrna Rd Road Closed GETTYS RD 34.2302524478 -80.7811242342
97444 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Gettys Rd & Trinity School Rd Road Closed GETTYS RD 34.2391645372 -80.7658973336
97445 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Hunting Inc. Rd & Joy Rd Road Closed HERMITAGE POND RD 34.2457809150 -80.5329662561
97446 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Haile st & Bishopville HWY Road Closed JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 34.2666997912 -80.5683821440
97447 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Bowen St & Church St Road Closed MAIN ST 34.1698964168 -80.7932424545
97448 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn HWY 1 S & Wildwood Ln Road Closed PINE MARK LN 34.2115359862 -80.7181406021
97449 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Hwy 1 S & Boulware Rd Road Closed PLAZA DR 34.2297845315 -80.6744903326
97450 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Black River Rd & Burroughs Rd Road Closed RED HILL RD 34.2005468055 -80.5215212703
97451 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Hwy 1 S & Ridgeway Rd Road Closed RICHARDSON BLVD 34.2146390501 -80.7087796926
97452 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Pine Grove Rd & Kellytown Rd Road Closed RIDGEWAY RD 34.2418120376 -80.7448339462
97453 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Richland Cty line & Barfield Rd Road Closed SESSIONS RD 34.2147743491 -80.8266574144
97454 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn US 601 & dead end Road Closed FREDERICKSBURG DR -S 34.1961609372 -80.6899479032
97455 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Hwy Church Rd & Miles Rd Road Closed STEPHEN CAMPBELL ROAD 34.1409797961 -80.7862043381
97456 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Sumter Cty line & Boykin Rd Road Closed SUMTER HWY 34.1835367047 -80.5769249797
97457 10/4/2015 Road is flooded just before 2639 Watson St Road Closed LINE ROAD Overflowed retention pond – nothing we can do – per Nick 34.1637068556 -80.8237150311
97479 10/4/2015 Dam failed at Getty’s pond – water touching bottom of bridge at Hwy 34 Road Closed KELLYTOWN RD 34.2415947417 -80.7420337200
97480 10/4/2015 Road closed Road Closed COUNTY LINE TR 34.1331429923 -80.7946532965
97482 10/4/2015 Road is washed out near Hazel Rd Road Closed DOC PATE RD 34.5430076241 -80.4216331244
97432 10/4/2015 Road closed – washed out Road Closed BAUGHMAN RD 34.0824770735 -80.7192456722
97433 10/4/2015 Road closed between mill and lakeshore Road Closed E HAMPTON ST 34.2555714901 -80.5957433581
97434 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Ft Jackson Rd & Porter Cross rd – Road washed out at the creek Road Closed TOWER RD 34.1287958059 -80.7554554939
97435 10/4/2015 2 ft drop off at top of hill Road Closed GARY GOFF RD Placed cones 34.1629433932 -80.7617157698
97436 10/4/2015 777 Watts hill Rd – house flooded – dam may fail Road Closed WATTS HILL RD 34.1861970472 -80.7687726617
97469 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Roberts St & Mill St Road Closed HAILE ST 34.2545317390 -80.5917683244
97470 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Saddle Club Rd & dead end Road Closed WATEREE DAM RD 34.3216014852 -80.7239958644
97472 10/4/2015 Road flooded at Sunny Hill entrance Road Closed SPRINGDALE DR 34.2820929913 -80.6328946352
97473 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Springdale Dr & Heritage Rd Road Closed SUNNYHILL DR 34.2831146720 -80.6343269348
97474 10/4/2015 Road is washed out btwn Hwy 1 & Wildwood Road Closed RABON CIR 34.1948719765 -80.7530736923
97475 10/4/2015 Road is washed out at the rise Road Closed CRICKET HILL DR 34.2177841405 -80.7551765442
97476 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Old Stagecoach Rd & Mt. Zion Rd Road Closed PATE RD 34.2856499821 -80.5054414272
97477 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Black River Rd & Seegars Mill Rd Road Closed GARY RD 34.1750203820 -80.4827231169
97484 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Longtown Rd & Pine Grove Rd Road Closed GREY FOX RD 34.2483550420 -80.7109254599
97485 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Wildwood Ln & Veterans Row Road Closed SMYRNA RD 34.2109570603 -80.7756310701
97486 10/4/2015 Road closed btwn Bowen St & Sessions Rd Road Closed WILDWOOD LN 34.1893409801 -80.8023566008

The body of a man who drowned Sunday night was recovered Monday morning by rescue personnel.  Kershaw County Coroner David West says that the body of 56 year old McArthur Woods of Lugoff was recovered shortly after seven Monday morning at Pine Grove Road and 25 Mile Creek.  A woman who was with woods was rescued Sunday night and is in the hospital. West says it appears Woods drove around barricades and become trapped in flood waters.  The search and recovery involved units from the Lugoff fire Department. The Camden Fire Department, Kershaw County Fire Service and the Lancaster County Fire service.  West said the death of woods is under investigation by the coroner’s office, the sheriff’s office and the highway patrol.

The body of a man who drowned Sunday night was found Monday morning by members of Lugoff Fire/Rescue.  The was found about mid morning.  No name has been released as yet.  Lugoff firefighters Sunday night rescued the woman  who was with the man on top of a submerged vehicle near Pine Grove Road and 25 mile creek.

You can hear Panther Talk tonight with Coach Ron Rivera from 6pm to 7pm on KOOL 102.7 FM.

At 7pm this evening on KOOL 102.7 it’s Sports Talk with Phil Kornblut.

All high school sports activities for today have been canceled.

Kershaw County and the rest of the midlands experiencing heavy rains over the weekend.  The worst downpour taking Saturday night and for part of Sunday.  Kershaw county getting almost 16  inches of rain as a result of the weather system that also drenched much of the rest of the Palmetto State.  Parts of downtown Camden experiencing flooding and parts of Hermitage Pond trailer park had to be evacuated due to flooding.  Sunday afternoon authorities also had to evacuate the Three Branches area of Lugoff because of flooding.  Homes in Elgin also had to be evacuated.   Midday Sunday Camden High School was opened as an emergency shelter.   The Lugoff and Elgin areas were among the areas hardest hit. Also hit hard the black river area near in camden.  A number of roads in Kershaw county had to be closed due to flooding and downed trees.  Among the major highways closed were Highway 1 in the West Wateree, Highway 521 and parts of 601.  The bridge at Porter Crossroads was also washed out. Lugoff fire chief Dennis Ray says his department handled four vehicle rescues and 30 house evacuations. Camden city manager Mel Pearson says that Camden experienced some power outages Friday night and Saturday but power has been restored to most customers.  At one point just under 400 kershaw county customers of Duke Energy were without power but most customers were restored by late Sunday. Kershaw County Emergency Director Gene Faulkenberry says that the Kershaw County Public Works Department has been working with the South Carolina Department of Transportation to begin damage assessments.