Friday, February 12, 2016
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Saturday in college basketball action the Clemson Tigers host Georgia Tech. Airtime on KOOL 102.7 is 1:30pm.

Saturday the U.S.C. Gamecocks will host the Kentucky Wildcats.  Airtime on Startime 1590 is 11:30am.

Tonight on KOOL 1027 it’s Sports Talk at 6pm.

A Camden High student, 18 year old Johnquevious Dashon-James Johnston, was arrested  and charged Wednesday with weapons violations by Camden Police after it was discovered he had brought a handgun to school.  The gun, a .380 caliber pistol,  was discovered in Johnston’s book bag by administrators and the school resource officer.  Johnston was arrested and booked on weapons charges at the Kershaw County Detention Centre.

On the night of February 10, 2016 Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Tiamo Drakeford (20) who lives on Mitchell Drive in Camden, SC on a warrant charging him with making a false police report.

“All complaints filed against a KCSO employee are investigated.  I encourage the reporting of unprofessional behavior on the part of any of my deputies. However, a blatantly false report that can be proven to be false, as was done in this case by the body camera footage, will be taken seriously and charges will be brought against the person filing such a report, said Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews. “To date, these body cameras that our officers are using have exonerated them 100% of the time when they have been accused of serious wrongdoing. This incident was the first time that an accuser actually came in and filed a formal written complaint of a serious nature. Most of the time when an accuser knows there is body or dash cam footage, they drop the complaint and leave.”

On February 2, 2016 at about 3:30pm Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a fight in progress call at the Taco Bell in Lugoff, SC. Responding deputies separated the parties involved in the fight involving two groups of females and one male with a baseball bat. The situation was under control and de-escalated when Tiamo Drakeford drove up, got out of his vehicle and approached one of the parties. As Drakeford walked up to a group he engaged some of the females in conversation and the situation began to escalate again. A deputy instructed Drakeford to leave the area as they were trying to obtain statements. Drakeford became belligerent, loud and was cursing at one of the officers. Drakeford was arrested for public disorderly conduct and taken to jail.

On Friday February 5, 2016  Drakeford  went to the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office where he filed a written formal complaint against a deputy alleging that the deputy pushed him and used racially charged language toward him at the time of his disorderly conduct arrest.

The officer who was accused of this misconduct was wearing a body camera. The video footage taken by the camera recorded the event in its entirety. At no time did the deputy push Drakeford, swear at him or use any racially charged language. Based on the false written statement by Drakeford a warrant was obtained for his arrest charging him with filing a false police report of an alleged felony violation.

Drakeford is currently being detained at the Kershaw County Detention Center on a $3500.00 bond and is also currently out on bond on an unrelated grand larceny charge.

On February 4, 2016 Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office narcotics investigators arrested Ronald Jason Boone (32) who lived at 2006 Fairfax Drive Camden, SC and charged him with trafficking heroin (28g or more), distribution of heroin, distribution of heroin within proximity to a school, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance.

“Along with all the other drug abuse in our county, heroin has some of the most devastating effects. Heroin abuse in SC and across the US is on the increase as are heroin overdose deaths. Our investigators are determined to not let the heroin problem get out of control here like it is in other places. Boone has been selling heroin for a long time and his arrest with 2 ounces of heroin is very significant,” said Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews.

For several years KCSO narcotics investigators have been receiving information that Boone was selling heroin in Kershaw County. Eventually investigators were able to make a controlled purchase of heroin from Boone in January 2016. Investigators continued to conduct surveillance on Boone and in early February received information that Boone had received a large shipment of heroin.

On February 4, 2016 narcotics investigators were conducting surveillance in East Camden when they spotted Boone riding in a vehicle with another individual. Investigators had an arrest warrant for Boone and followed the vehicle in which he was riding and stopped it at Boone’s residence. Boone was arrested on the distribution of heroin charge and at the arrest, the officers found Boone to be in possession of approximately 2 ounces of heroin, approximately 1 ½ ounces of marijuana and 13 Xanax pills for which he had no prescription.

Boone was transported to the Kershaw County Detention Center where he remains incarcerated. Boone is facing a sentence of 25-40 years just on the trafficking charge alone. His bond was set at $200,000.00.

Boone has been previously arrested for numerous narcotics violations since 2003. He has also been arrested for receiving stolen goods (multiple counts), possession of a stolen vehicle, driving under suspension, driving under the influence and shoplifting (multiple counts).

Tonight on KOOL 1027 it’s Sports Talk at 6pm and Tiger Calls at 7pm.

This evening the U.S.C. Gamecocks will host L.S.U. You can hear the game on Startime 1590.  Airtime 6:30pm Wednesday evening.

Voters in part of Kershaw County went to the polls Tuesday to select party candidates for the special  election in march to fill seat one on Kershaw County Council.  Winning on the Democratic side was bobby gary.  Gary received 305 votes to 111 for Art Graham.  On the Republican side Al Bozard received 152 votes to 123 for George Harkins.  This sets  up a race to fill the vacant seat on march 29th between al Bozard and Bobby Gary.

The Lugoff Board of Fire Commissioners unanimously approved funding to send ten (10) more firefighters for Swift Water Rescue Certification during the January 25, 2016 Board Meeting. Lugoff Fire-Rescue currently has six (6) Swift Water Rescue Technicians who were deployed during the October, 2015 flooding in Lugoff and the West Wateree Area. These six swimmers worked nearly 36 hours straight performing rescues on submerged vehicles and homes in flood waters as well as flood evacuations and continuous damage assessments. Lugoff Fire-Rescue had only created the Swift Water Rescue Team under its Special Operations Section eleven (11) months prior to the flood. At that time, funding was approved by the Commissioners to certify the initial group of rescuers and purchase the needed rescue equipment. During the January meeting, Commissioners also approved to purchase Swift Water Rescue Equipment to replace and supplement equipment used during the flood. Funding for the training and equipment comes from monies donated by the community, insurance claim reimbursement, and FEMA funding awarded for reimbursement from the flood expenses. Department Command Staff have completed the extensive reimbursement forms necessary from FEMA and staff expect to receive 75% of expenses as reimbursed from FEMA.


Also approved by the Commissioners is the receipt of a loaned military surplus Light-To-Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) designed for use in high-water and rough-terrain areas as crews faced during the flood. This type of vehicle was not available to help rescuers access trapped victims until a National Guard vehicle requested through State Emergency Management arrived well after the rescues were completed during the flood. This vehicle, now in service, will provide firefighters access to victims in high water areas as well as fire suppression access with portable Compressed Air Foam Systems in rough terrain such as railroad beds, sandy areas, and rough terrain.


“Back in December, our staff performed a post-incident assessment from the October flood and identified areas of strength and weakness. We wasted no time on addressing our weaker areas in Swift Water Rescue staffing and equipment as well as finding a vehicle capable of transporting our personnel and victims through high water and rough terrain. I applaud our Commissioners for being proactive and increasing our preparedness for the next incident or disaster. Responses in our profession are so unpredictable; so we have to prepare ourselves for incidents we, at one time, never though would happen here in Lugoff.” Lugoff Fire-Rescue Chief Dennis Ray stated.

The new class of Swift Water Rescue candidates will report to training April, 2016 and the rescue equipment has already been ordered with delivery expected this month. Lugoff Fire-Rescue crews extend their great appreciation to individuals, churches, and businesses that donated funding to make the purchase of the new rescue equipment possible.

In high school wrestling Monday night Dorman defeated Lugoff-Elgin 36-27 in the third round of the Class 4A playoffs.  The Demons are eliminated.

Also eliminated the Camden Bulldogs. They fell to West Oak 48-23.

The season is not quite over for the Demon and Bulldog wrestlers. They will send wrestlers to the individual state tournament later this month in Anderson.

In varsity basketball action this evening the Lugoff-Elgin girls and boys teams will be on the road to Ridge View, North Central travels to Cheraw and Camden will be on the road to Chapin. Girls games start at 6pm and the boys games will follow.

Wednesday evening the U.S.C. Gamecocks will host L.S.U. You can hear the game on Startime 1590.  Airtime 6:30pm Wednesday evening.

During the past week 2 Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office deputies avoided head on crashes with drunk drivers. In both cases, the deputies which happened to be on the KCSO Traffic Unit were able to arrest the drivers who were charged with driving under the influence.

“Last month the KCSO Traffic Unit made 21 DUI arrests, compared to 15 in January last year. Since its inception in 2011, the KCSO Traffic Unit has made over 800 DUI arrests, yet the drunk drivers continue to endanger the public in Kershaw County,” said Sheriff Jim Matthews. “Even though this is frustrating, we will continue to aggressively go after those who get behind the wheel of vehicle, “wasted.””

On February 3, 2016 at about 10:45pm, a Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office deputy was travelling in the northbound lane of US 601 in Lugoff when he observed a vehicle coming at him, driving south in the northbound lane. US 601 in Lugoff is a 4 lane highway divided by a median. The deputy was able to get the vehicle stopped before it hit him or anyone else. The driver of the vehicle, Cecile L. Townsend of Sumter, was arrested and charged with DUI.

Cecile Townsend

Cecile L. Townsend

On February 5, 2016  at about 9:40pm, a second near head on crash occurred on US 521 in Rembert, SC near the Sumter County line. A Kershaw County Traffic Unit officer was run off the road as he was about to be hit head on by a vehicle being driven by Thomas E. McCray of Sumter. The deputy was able to get McCray stopped and charged him with DUI and driving under suspension (DUS) 2nd offense. McCray was also wanted on two warrants for DUS (1st offense) and open container.

Thomas McCray

Thomas E. McCray

Thomas McCray has been previously arrested for breach of peace, DUI, burglary, grand larceny, public disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault and battery, shoplifting and numerous narcotics charges.

Cecile Townsend has no previous arrests.