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At about 11:00am on Sunday July 26, 2015 the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office was notified that an 84 year old male had walked away from his place of residence in the Cassatt area of Kershaw County. Further information provided to the Sheriff’s Office revealed that the missing elder suffered from serious health issues.

Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the scene and the KCSO bloodhound team was alerted. In addition, the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office notified SLED and requested that they provide a helicopter to aid in the search. Kershaw County Emergency Services was also notified and preparations were made for additional manpower to support law enforcement officers.

The Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office bloodhounds and handlers began tracking in the area surrounding the missing man’s home. After nearly two hours the bloodhound team was able to locate him in a wooded area not far from his residence. Bloodhound handlers determined that the man had wandered a good way from his home and had circled back. When they located him he was heading away from his home, lying under a tree adjacent to a dirt path in order to get out of the sun. He was disoriented, barely able to talk or walk and was suffering from heat exhaustion.

After deputies located him they were able to get him into an air conditioned patrol car and over to a waiting ambulance. He was assessed by EMS personnel, but he refused additional treatment. EMS personnel helped him into his home where his wife was waiting.

“I’ve got to give it to the bloodhound team. More often than not they find their subject, whether it be a missing child, vulnerable adult or criminal,” said Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews. “The deputies who make up this team are extremely dedicated and they serve the public well…. and the dogs do a great job, too.”


The City of Camden is asking customers of the city water system to engage in voluntary water conservation.  The city is asking water customers to take part in voluntary measures and eliminate non-essential water use and cut back on  discretionary water use such as watering  lawns no more than  twice a week and only during off peak hours or six in the evening through six in the morning.   Recently the Catawba/Wateree Drought Management Advisory Group announced that recent dry conditions have put the Catawba/Wateree river basin in a stage one drought.  Stage one is the second of five drought stage and means that voluntary water conservation measures are called for.

On Friday night, July 24, 2015 Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Corey James Gripper (44) from Lugoff, SC; Antonio Adrian Perez (34) from Lugoff, SC; Quinton Jamal Shaw (28) from Sumter, SC; and Lucious Levon Green (51) from McBee, SC and charged each with Solicitation of Prostitution.

During the evening hours of July 24, 2015 Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office deputies conducted an “on-line” undercover operation in which numerous male subjects contacted an undercover officer by phone and text to meet at a location in Kershaw County for paid sexual favors.  Arrangements were made between the undercover deputy and each of the above listed men who ultimately traveled to a Lugoff hotel where they met with the undercover female deputy and solicited her for various sexual acts. A surveillance and arrest team was stationed nearby and were able to take the suspects into custody without any resistance.

The penalty for these violations for first offense is a $200.00 fine or 30 days in jail.  Gripper, Perez, Shaw and Green were all transported to the Kershaw County Detention Center and have all posted bond and been released.

Gripper has previous arrests for failure to stop for a blue light, driving under suspension, distribution of crack cocaine (multiple counts), possession of crack cocaine, receiving stolen goods, possession of stolen vehicle and multiple traffic offenses.

Perez has multiple traffic offenses.

Shaw has previous arrests for assault and battery (2nd degree) and criminal domestic violence.

Green has been previously arrested for assault and battery, solicitation of prostitution and fraudulent checks.

“While the penalty for solicitation of prostitution is minimal, for some of these men the repercussions when they get home might be more severe, “ said Sheriff Jim Matthews. “We will be doing this kind of operation again in the future.”

Quentin Shaw

Quentin Shaw

adrian antonio perez

Adrian Perez

lucious L. green

Lucious Green

corey gripper

Corey Gripper

The jobless rate in Kershaw County for the month of June increased by two-tenths of a per cent from a May rate of 6.5% to a June rate of 6.7%.  This means that  out of South Carolina’s 46 counties Kershaw County had the 31st highest out of work numbers. Statewide the jobless rate dropped from a May rate of 6.8% to a June rate of 6.6%.  The county with the highest out of work numbers was Allendale County with 11.5% and the country with  the lowest jobless rate was Charleston County with 5.5%.  Kershaw County had the 31st highest jobless number out of the Palmetto State’s 46 counties.

Over the next six months, Kershaw County will conduct broad community input sessions, interviews, and research, resulting in publication of a community-wide, input-based Vision Plan, designed to identify everything needed for the County to thrive over the next 15 to 20 years.
The kickoff for the Vision planning process will take place Thursday, July 30, from 4-7pm, in the Media Center at Camden High School (1022 Ehrenclou Dr., Camden, SC 29020). The Kickoff Event is an opportunity for citizens to provide input and comment at the start of the process through several interactive exercises. All members of the Kershaw County community are invited and welcome to attend.
“Kershaw County is at a crossroads as both growth and change present opportunities to improve the lives of the County’s citizens, while protecting what residents love about the County for the current generation, and future generations. Everyone in Kershaw County has a stake in our future, especially our young people. This is a great way to have all of our voices heard,” said Julian Burns, County Council Chairman.
Earlier this year, County Council authorized a “Visioning” effort for the entire County, to complement the mandatory 10-year Comprehensive Plan that the Planning Commission will undertake at the same time.
Throughout the process, community members will be asked for input to determine how they want their County to look and feel as a place to live, work, learn, worship, play, and raise families for future generations. Some of the areas that will be explored include: economic development, infrastructure and transportation, education, recreation, natural resources, health, culture, and county services.
Carolyn Hammond, County Planning Director, agreed: “We’re excited to partner with the people of Kershaw County to develop a common vision that will serve as the County’s roadmap to the year 2030.
The Vision Planning process will be assisted and facilitated by the Santee-Lynches Council of Governments, the four-county regional planning district that serves Kershaw County. Executive Director Dr. Michael Mikota said “Santee-Lynches is thrilled to support Kershaw County’s vision planning efforts. We look forward to engaging with the citizens of the County during 2015 to develop the Vision Plan.”

On the afternoon of July 18, 2015 Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Tyler Glenn Kennington (19) who lives on Jefferson Davis Highway Camden, Richard Thomas Morgan (21) who lives on Mill Creek Rd. Bethune and Jonathan William Ray (20) who lives on State Rd. Cassatt and charged each of them with burglary (2nd degree).

Shortly before 5:00pm on July 18, 2015 Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to a residence on White Street in Camden after the relative of a homeowner walked in on Kennington, Morgan, Ray and an as yet unidentified male as they were burglarizing the White Street residence. As deputies arrived they were provided with the description of the three suspects. Deputies began to set up a perimeter and the bloodhound team was called to the scene. Prior to the arrival of the bloodhound team, deputies were able to apprehend three of the four suspects.

The KCSO investigator and deputies were able to gather additional physical evidence at the scene and have sent evidence to SLED for DNA analysis. Investigators are attempting to identify the 4th suspect and additional arrests and charges are likely.

Kennington has no prior arrest record. Morgan has a prior arrest for burglary, criminal conspiracy, breaking into an automobile, grand larceny, petty larceny, burglary (2nd degree), shoplifting and driving under suspension. Ray has been previously arrested for public disorderly conduct and breach of peace.

All three of these suspects are being detained at the Kershaw County Detention Center awaiting a bond hearing.

Tyler Kennington

Tyler Kennington

Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan

Jonathan Ray

Jonathan Ray

A man from the Buffalo/Mount Pisgah  area killed this past Friday afternoon when his moped was hit by a van.  Kershaw County Coroner David West says that 43 year old Timothy Scott was on his moped riding his eight year old daughter when they were hit by a van.  Both  Scott and his daughter were airlifted to Palmetto Richland Hospital in Columbia.  Timothy Scott was pronounced dead on arrival.  His daughter was admitted with what are described as non life threatening injuries.  The accident took place on Jones Road and Fred Gardner Road in the Mount Pisgah area.  West says that the accident is under investigation by the Kershaw County Coroner’s Office and the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

On July 17, 2015 the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office arrested Tony James Williams (33) from Elgin, SC and charged him with burglary (3rd degree) and multiple auto break-ins.

During the early morning hours of July 17, 2015, the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office responded to several calls relative to autos being broken in to in unincorporated Elgin, SC. Deputies who responded began checking the area of the break-ins and discovered several other vehicles that had been illegally entered. A deputy discovered a cell phone in one of the victim’s vehicles that did not belong in the vehicle.

On the afternoon of July 17, 2015, a Kershaw County deputy made contact with the owner of the cell phone who turned out to be Williams. Williams advised the deputy that he had lost the phone the night before. The deputy told Williams that someone had found it and turned it in to the Sheriff’s Office and that he could come and pick it up. Williams stated that he was on his way.

A KCSO investigator had gathered other physical evidence tying Williams to the break-ins and upon his arrival at the Sheriff’s Office Williams was arrested. Evidence suggests that others were involved in these break-ins as well as a shed that had been burglarized. Additional arrests may be forthcoming.

Williams had just been released from prison earlier in 2015 for auto break-ins and burglary. He has previous arrests for burglary (multiple counts), grand larceny (multiple counts), auto breaking (multiple counts), lynching, petty larceny (multiple arrests), narcotics violations (multiple), breach of peace, probation violations, public disorderly conduct (multiple), assault and battery high and aggravated and trespassing.

“It sure helped that Williams left us his phone to aid us in identifying our suspect. I think they make TV shows about criminals like him. His propensity for breaking in to cars and stealing people’s property only seems to be thwarted when he is serving time. Hopefully our criminal justice system will keep him off our streets and out of our cars for a long time when and if he is convicted,” said Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews.