Red female hound pup, no collar.  Looks to be about three months old. Found on Cassatt Road in Cassatt. Call 272-8040.

Large male chocolate brown pit bull found in the Charlotte Thompson community. No tags or collar. Call 432-8289.

Small dog found in Bethune. Looks like a schnauzer. Tan colored.  Call 420-6599.

Female solid black lab fround on Tookiedoo Lane near Heinz Road in Blthyewood. Has collar but no tags and is not micro-chipped.  Call 803-920-0404.

Female tortoise shell cat.  Found on Deerfield Drive. Call 438-2175.

Found dog, looks like rottweiller/lab mix.  Small dog, black in color. 20-25 pounds. Found by Quaker Cemetery.  No collar. Call 432-1125.1.

Young Boykin spaniel with cloth collar but no ID.  Found on Dixon Lane.  Call 432-7790.