Female black and white bulldog named Maggie. 6 years old. Weighs 60 pounds. Last seen near Alan’s Market on Highway 5. Call 420-6769.

Female blond Chihuahua. Very friendly.  Lost on Stokes Road in the Antioch Community. Named “Cookie.” Call 803-713-4215.

Male, red-nosed pit pull. Neutered.  Lost on Leslie Branham Road in Elgin.  Wearing collar with tags.  Call 803-243-4970..

Small female tri-colored beagle answers to “June Carter.” Last seen in Cassatt area. Call 803-427-9930.

Female black lab. Spayed.  Small white patch on her chest, going grey on her muzzle. Pink collar. Went missing on Nick Watts Road in Lugoff. Call 438-3656.

Older male shepherd mix.  Sweet dog.  Black and tan. Named “Rusty.”  Lost on Salem Road.  Call 425-8529 or 427-6493.

Female boxer.  Brendle colored.  Lost in the DeKalb community.  Call 427-1742.

Female orange tabby cat with white paws and light chest. No front claws.  Spayed.  Lost in Sunny Hill around Burbage Street.  Call 803-272-9825 or 803-432-2181.

White male dog with brindle markings. Has a marking that looks like Mickey Mouse on hip.  Has collar.  Lost in the Spring Hill Road and Shiver’s Pond area.  Call 803-518-1884.